S.I.C.K: Serial Insane Clown Killer

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Back of Box:  At first it was just a joke, a myth around the campfire for five friends staying at a remote cabin in the Texas woods.  But when they begin to disappear one-by-one, replaced by scattered bloodied body parts and voodoo effigies, the remaining few scramble for their lives.  But he's out there.  And he's sick.  And all he wants is blood.
Plot:  A group of people head out to a cabin for the weekend.  After a bar pit stop, a little sex, and a few drugs, home boy shows up in a clown mask to crash their perfect weekend.  It's been done to death and this is just another example of a film throwing a clown in the mix to set itself apart.  Sad at best.  
Acting:  Tracey (Amanda Watson) gets a semi shout out for a performance that's a little less lackluster than everyone else's.  To be honest, everyone else is as bland as a box of bran flakes.  Stale bran flakes.
GoreBody Count (6)  The only thing worth mentioning here is the decapitation.  There are a few decent aftermaths, but nothing worth mentioning.  Too bad, this section could've saved the film.
Suspense:  If anyone at all found this film scary, they should be slapped in the face.  Aside from the overuse (extreme overuse) of plastic baby dolls, and the fact that this film involves a (less than satisfactory) clown, there is nothing even remotely creepy about this film.  No thrills, no chills, no suspense.
Directing:  The camera work was simple enough.  Set ups were pretty basic and there were a lot of scenes done in a single shot.  There were a few shots that seemed pretty pointless, but the blocking was somewhat to blame.  The only thing I can compliment on about Bob Willems' style is the way he did flashbacks, stories, and day dreams and his use of P.O.V.
Tech:  This film probably had the most consistent sound I've ever heard in an Independent, no budget film.  The lighting, for the most part, was sloppy.  The use of shadows tended to hinder more than help.  The soundtrack was minimal, but was, without a doubt, the scariest thing about this film. 
Other:  Nudity is on display here for anyone that can get that far.  I dug the Leatherface style clown mask, but whoever was behind it didn't do a very good job.  The ending is worth a nod, but sitting through the rest of the film doesn't make it worth it. 
Final Word:  I really couldn't see anyone recommending this film.  There isn't any sort of satisfaction to be had here, none at all.  It's not even good for a laugh, it's just bad.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!