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Directed by:  James D.R. Hickox


DVD Information
American World Pictures
Back of Box:
A group of high school students are sent to after-school Detention for unexplained reasons.  There, the teenagers find themselves abandoned and locked in the classroom after their detention teacher leaves, then mysteriously disappears.  With night slowly approaching, a thunder storm builds outside.  The heavy rain and lightning cause a massive power failure throwing the school into total darkness.  Then, strange, haunting images of Ghosts begin to appear in the school.  The kids manage to break out of the classroom only to find that the old building has taken on a life of its own, keeping them trapped inside.  As they struggle to escape, the teenagers learn about the death of a student back in the 1970's.  Slowly, they unravel the history of this tragedy and that they are somehow connected to the student's macabre and untimely death.  They will also soon find out that they are being held responsible for this horrific event of the past, and will pay for it with their lives!
Cast List
Preston Jones...Paul
Maitland McConnell...Lisa
Alexa Jago...Miss Cipher
David Carradine...Principle Hoskins
Zelda Williams...Sarah
Michael Mitchell...Sam
Anthony Chute...Brad
Jonathan "Lil J" McDaniel...T-Loc
Katie Condidorio...Rachel
Thomas Calabro...Coach Littick
Billy Aaron Brown...Jack
Thomas Black...Jackson
John Capodice...Workman #1
Catherine Combs...Diane
Gregory Mikurak...Gabriel
Shel Rasten...Will
Rachel Sterling...Mimi
John Stienfield...Workman #2
Anthony Campanello...Bobby
Mo...Jason Gretch (Uncredited)
Jeremy Luc...Benny (Uncredited)
Peter Pasco...Dwayne Evert (Uncredited)
Azael Cavazos...Student 2008 (Uncredited)
  • Filming Location(s):  Los Angeles, California.



Personal History

  • My screener copy was provided by the good people at American World Pictures.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!