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Back of Box:  Four college students get more than the bargained for when a hit-and-run accident turns into murder. Revenge is a dish best served hot with a hatchet in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. Will they "bearly" be able to survive the night? 
Plot:  Teddy and his dad experience some car trouble.  When Teddy's father tries to flag down some help he becomes the victim of a senseless hit and run accident.  Teddy witnesses the entire tragedy and his fragile psyche just can't handle the shock.  What better way to grieve than to take out those responsible?  Pretty simple, but very effective.
Acting:  Clay (Mike Goltz) is, by far, my favorite character, but everyone involved delivers a great performance.  Above par is a good way to put it, especially where slashers are concerned.  I might also have a little crush on Teddy (Keegan Bergen).  I dig that violent emo feel, that idea was very much the inspiration for my own slasher villain.  Bravo. 
Gore/Suspense:  Body Count (5)  I want to touch on suspense first because there isn't much.  That's not a knock on anyone involved because the intention was there, but the short format doesn't allow for a whole lot of build.  I wanted to touch on that first because I'm a firm believer in criticism before praise.  That being said, this short does not shy away from the red stuff.  A shovel half decap, a hatchet to the face, and even the car accident had some decent splatter.  My favorite, however, would have to be the tiki torch anal impalement...oh, yeah.
Directing/Tech:  Director Steve Goltz definitely has an eye for horror, that's undeniable.  Goltz's set-ups are phenomenal and I love that he's not afraid to move the camera, so smooth and flowing.  The lighting during the day scenes was obviously natural and a little over exposed, but it was made the best of.  The night scenes were a little dark at times, but the warm oranges that accented them compensated well and added a nice, sinister feel, especially during the final chase.  The sound and the soundtrack were on point.
Other:  I love the killer's mask and teddy bear.  Again, it's so simple, but very effective.  It's nice to know that originality isn't dead.  In segue, I have to say that true artists don't change, they adapt.  I say this because half way through the short a large amount of snow appears out of nowhere.  Instead of changing the entire short, the snow was adapted into it and made part of what they already had.  Hats off, it was unexpected and I like that.  I also like that the style of this short is extremely 80s, but it's set in the 90s.  Did I see a Surge can?  Awesome.  I'm babbling at this point, but I have to mention the fact that this was made in Wisconsin (Hooray Michigan neighbors) and there is a little nudity.  It's just a man ass, but it's not bad.
Final Word:  Fantastic!  It has its flaws, but it's light years from bad, especially for a first time effort.  Slasher Studios is definitely something all slasher fans should keep an eye on.  Believe that.



Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!