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Read the fine print.  You may have just mortgaged your life!


Back of Box:  The Boyle family moves temporarily into an old mansion near Boston so that the father can do some needed research.  The new tenants, unbeknownst to them, have a terrible secret living in their basement.  A certain Dr. Freudstein has been housed below since 1879 and has kept himself alive by murdering inhabitants of the mansion and using their cells to keep his body going.  Gore, horror and great special effects makes a visit to the House By The Cemetery A KILLING STAY.
Plot:  Entertaining enough to keep a true slasher fan interested.  The film takes the living dead, some supernatural elements, and brings it all together with a heavy dose of slasher.  For me, it works.  Sure, it plods in places with boring, sometimes pointless, scenes.  However, those scenes are sadly forgotten when the gore comes into play.
Acting:  I don't know what to think about this section.  The performances range from decent, Dr. Norman Boyle (Paolo Malco), to down right unbearable, Bob Boyle (Giovanni Frezza).  An honorable mention goes to Lucy Boyle (Catriona MacColl), that's it.
GoreBody Count (6 and a bat)  I think that if this section wasn't so good this film would be another "borrow from a friend and watch once" kind of film.  However, this film does pack a punch here.  Knife through the back of the head and out the mouth, vicious fire poker stab wounds, a triple throat slash/decapitation via butcher knife, and, my personal favorite, the throat tear.  All amazing without CGI.  
Suspense:  There are a few "strange things happening" scenes that didn't usually work.  The bulk of the suspense comes into play during the death scenes.  Lurking P.O.V. camera work with the killers weapon exposed really did this film justice.
Directing:  I like Fulci's style.  Great shot set-ups abound.  He used a lot of nice zoom and focus tricks.  I also like his expert use of P.O.V. 
Tech:  An interesting enough score is provided.  The lighting was very soft and works very well.  The soft lighting also makes an interesting contrast when the graphic violence is being shown. 
Other:  I like how this film changes the perception of the living dead.  The idea that something living dead could use weapons and act on violent impulses is very intriguing to me.  There is a scene where Bob's head is being held to a door while his father is trying to open it with an axe.  Ahh, yes (I was rooting for the axe the whole time).  It has a decent enough twist at the end to wrap things up rather nicely.  However....
Bob does not die!
Final Word:  My "Final Word" is simply, yes.  I believe this is one of Fulci's finest.  To me it's suitable viewing for any true slasher fan.  The gore alone makes this a viewing must, at least once.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!