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(Madman Marz/
The Legend Lives)


Directed by:  Joe Giannone

DVD Information
Anchor Bay
Back of Box:
On the last night of summer camp, the story is told of "Madman Marz" - a berserk local farmer who butchered his entire family before disappearing into the woods forever.  You must not say his name above a whisper the legend says, because if he hears you, he will come for you.  But when a cocky young teen ridicules the tale and calls the madman's name out loud, the maniacal evil is unleashed.  Summer may be over, but the ferocious bloodshed has just begun!
A long-time favorite of hardcore horror fans, Madman stood out from the pack of '80s "body count" films by delivering scares, suspense, gruesome effects and sheer nastiness, including the infamous "head under the car hood" scene!
Special Features:
  • Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1)
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Joe Giannone, Writer/Producer Gary Sales, & Star Tony Fish and Paul Ehlers
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • TV Spots

Rated:  R

Run Time:  88 Minutes

Cast List
Alexis Dubin...Betsy
Tony Fish...T.P.
Jan Claire...Ellie
Harriet Bass...Stacy
Seth Jones...Dave
Alex Murphy...Bill
Jimmy Steele...Richie
Carl Fredericks...Max
Paul Ehlers...Madman Marz
Michael Sullivan...Dippy
  • Filming Location(s)The Fish Cove Inn: Southampton, Long Island.
  • Alternate Tagline(s)Deep in the woods, lurks a hideous evil...Don't even whisper his name.
  • Based on the upstate New York summer camp legend, The Kropsy Maniac.
  • During an open casting call the production caught word that a film with a similar story was currently filming in upstate New York (The Burning).  Preproduction was immediately stopped so the aforementioned film could be looked into.  After reading the script it was determined that the film could be original on its own, preproduction was renewed.
  • The shoot started October 21 (Producer Gary Sales birthday), 1980 and finished on December 17, 1980.
  • Paul Ehlers (Madman Marz), left set one day in full make-up to rush to the hospital.  His wife was in labor and he arrived (Still in full make-up) just in time for the birth of his son, Jonathan.
  • Production was always worried about the possibility of snow, but it held off for the filming.  After the film had wrapped and Joe and Gary were packing up for the trip home, it began to snow.
  • Nominated for best low budget picture by the Ninth Annual Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films Awards.
  • Made the Top Ten Variety list the week of its New York opening.



Personal History

  • Bought this film because of the infamous "car-hood" scene.
  • One of the only films I think deserves a sequel.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!