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Directed by:  Tom Holland

VHS Information
Back of Box:
Nobody believes 6-year old Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) when he says that "Chucky," his new birthday doll, is alive.  And when Andy's baby sitter is violently pushed out the window to her death, the boy tells his mother (Catherine Hicks) and the detective (Chris Sarandon) the simple truth--"Chucky did it."
In this "clever, playful thriller" (New York Times), voodoo and terror meet when an innocent-looking doll is inhabited by the soul of a killer who wasn't ready to die.  Only young Andy realizes that Chucky, who promises to be his "friend to the end," is responsible for the ensuing rampage of gruesome murders.  But the real terror takes hold when the deranged doll becomes determined to transfer his evil spirit to a living human being!
Director Tom Holland, creator of the popular Fright Night, "treats his audience intelligently" (New York Times) in this stylish trill-a-minute chiller co-written by Holland, Don Mancini and John Lafie.  Filled with startling special effects and heart-pounding suspense, Child's Play will terrify you like no other film can.  "Look out Freddy, here comes Chucky" (Boston Globe)!

Rated:  R

Run Time:  87 Minutes 

Cast List
Catherine Hicks...Karen Barclay
Chris Sarandon...Mike Norris
Alex Vincent...Andy Barclay
Brad Dourif...Charles Lee Ray
Dinah Manoff...Maggie Peterson
Tommy Swerdlow...Jack Santos
Jack Colvin...Dr. Ardmore
Neil Giuntoli...Eddy Caputo
Juan Ramírez...Peddler
Alan Wilder...Mr. Criswell
Richard Baird...News Reporter At Toy Store
Raymond Oliver...Dr. Death
Aaron Osborne...Orderly
Tyler Hard...Mona
Ted Liss...George
Roslyn Alexander...Lucy
Robert Kane...Male TV Newscaster
Leila Hee Olsen...Female TV Newscaster
Ed Gale...Chucky Stunt Double
Lena Sack...Bellevue Patient
Tommy Gerard...Bellevue Patient
Michael Chavez...Bellevue Patient
Jamie Gray...Bellevue Patient
Erin Munz...Bellevue Patient
Jana Twomey...Bellevue Patient
Suaundra Black...Bellevue Patient
Michael Patrick Carter...Kid In Animated Commercial (Voice)
Edan Gross...Friendly Kid In Animated Commercial (Voice)
John Franklin...Walkabout Chucky (Voice)
  • Filming Location(s)Brewster Building Apartments: Lake View, Chicago, Illinois, Chicago, Illinois, Culver Studios: Culver City, California, Lake View, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Alternate Tagline(s)Andy Barclay has a new playmate who's in no mood to play, This doll is killer, Chucky is one mean S.O.B., Something's moved in with the Barclay family, and so has terror.
  • Chucky's real name, Charles Lee Ray, is derived from three real notorious killers' names; Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.
  • The babysitter's original death scene, supposedly, was her getting electrocuted in a bath tub.
  • The name of the TV channel announcing the death of Charles Lee Ray, at the beginning of the film, is W-DOL.
  • All of Brad Dourif's voice over work for Chucky was recorded in advance so they could match Chucky's mouth with the words.  Dourif hardly showed up on set during doll days because they would just use the play back.



Personal History

  • Bought this from the local Rite Aid, Halloween Sale, $5.95.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!