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Directed by:  Albert De Martino

VHS Information
Back of Box:
MICHAEL MORIARTY stars as Dr. Craig Mannings, a successful physician with a vision...a horrifying vision of himself, killing an aging woman.  When the nightmare repeats itself, he believes that what he's seeing is really happening.  A search into his past reveals a Siamese twin that was separated from him at birth, and sent away to live with another family.  Sensing that his brother is committing the grisly murders he's seeing, Craig goes looking for his long-lost twin to discover the horrifying truth.
It's a blood-chilling tale of murder, deception and intrigue.  This is more than just sibling rivalry, this is BLOOD LINK!

Rated:  R

Run Time:  98 Minutes 

Cast List
Michael Moriarty...Keith Mannings/Craig Mannings
Penelope Milford...Julie Warren
Geraldine Fitzgerald...Mrs. Thomason
Cameron Mitchell...Bud Waldo
Sarah Langenfeld...Christine Webb
Martha Smith...Hedwig
Virginia McKenna...Woman In Ballroom
Robert K. Olszewski...Inspector Hessinger
Henriette Gonnermann...Woman Tourist
Vonne Sherman...Millie
Peter Mannering...Bill
YaŽl Forti...Woman In Bell Tower
Alex Diakun...Mr. Adams
Peter Schlesinger...Stocky Man
Shaun Lawton...Man With Cigar
Max Buchsbaum...Promoter
Greg Tryphon...Waiter
Reece Hasanen...Twin
Troy Hasanen...Twin



Personal History

  • Bought this from a Family Video in Traverse City, Michigan for $2.95.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!