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Directed by:  Douglas Jackson

DVD Information
Digiview Entertainment
Back of Box:
Stefanie Powers is a single mom, with a six-year-old son named Cory (Mickey Toft).  She's trying to recover from a vicious attack and in-home robbery, and to put this trauma behind her she's moved into a new home, in a new town, and looks forward to starting a new life.  She's even made a new friend, the footloose and fancy-free Margot Kidder.  Cory has a new friend as well.  His name is B.J. and he comes out of the walls to play.
Stefanie Powers soon learns that her new neighborhood is the kind of neighborhood that no-one ever leaves...alive!  Lock the windows!  Bolt the doors!  But, you can't hide because someone is always watching.
Special Features:
  • Scene Selection
  • Previews

Rated:  Not Rated

Run Time:  95 Minutes
Cast List
Stefanie Powers...Michelle Dupre
Mickey Toft...Cory Dupre
Margot Kidder...Sally Beckert
Stewart Bick...Joe Carvelli
Martin Neufeld...Bobby 'BJ' Culley
Barry Flatman...Charles Jensen
Doug Lennox...Robert Culley
Pamela Witcher...Rebecca
Angelina Boivin...Olivia
Tom Rack...Mr. Walters
Alan Fawcett...Everett Lilly
Linda Smith...Ann Grayson
Jason Cavalier...Gang Member
Erica D'Alessio...Girl At Playground
Russell Yuen...Officer Qwan
  • This is a "Made For TV" movie.



Personal History

  • Bought this at a Wal Mart in Petoskey, Michigan, $1.00.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!