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Back of Box:  In this action-packed thriller set in the near future, earth has become a brutal, dehumanized planet where radiation and pollution have taken over from nature.  On leave from the combat zone, Mo turns up the broken pieces of an android combat machine and gives them as a decorative gift to his girlfriend Jill.  Little do they realize that Mark 13 - the most destructive droid of its kind - is still capable of action.  Its aim is simple: to kill, destroy and dismember anything that gets in its way.  Late at night, the killing machine reassembles itself and begins its task, wreaking havoc and destruction, starting with Jill's neighbor, then targeting Jill herself.  The body count rises as Mark 13 sweeps through the apartment and Mo attempts to save Jill from the bloody onslaught.  When the machine gets its sharp metallic talons in Mo's flesh it could be the end.  Will man triumph over machine...or does the triumph belong to the creation of man? 
Plot:  A "sci-fi slasher" isn't something one sees very often.  A "sci-fi slasher" with a killer robot?  That's even more rare.  Does it work?  Hell yes it does!  Watching this film was one of the best viewing experiences of my life.  The only thing that threw me off was some of the revelations at the end.  They came out of nowhere, made sense, but literally came out of nowhere.  Flawless otherwise.
Acting:  This film sports an amazing lead and supporting cast filled with entertaining, colorful characters.  I have to mention Jill (Stacey Travis) first since she's the main focus of the film.  Wow, I mean, what an amazing choice.  I loved riding her emotional roller-coaster.  Dylan McDermott gets a shout out for his portrayal of Moses Baxter.  Top notch.  Shades (John Lynch) is probably my favorite character, but Link (William Hootkins) definitely comes in a close second as the creepy neighbor.
GoreBody Count (5)  Well, I must say for a small body count I was not disappointed about this section.  In fact, this film delivered more in five kills then some films deliver with ten.  The two that stick out the most are the combination eye gouge/stomach drill/head smash and the top from bottom severance with help from an automatic, sliding door.  Good stuff, good stuff.
Suspense:  Creepy.  When I first saw this film I thought the design of the robot was going to hold this section back big time.  The design seemed heavy, but Mark 13 stalked like a lion.  Highlight scenes include when Jill talks to Mark 13 via computer and the psychedelic suicide.  Chilling.
Directing:  Smooth and original.  Richard Stanley has a very interesting eye.  He captured things that were never too obvious, but always fit perfectly.  He knew how to keep things moving, and he never over did it.  He proves here that he can handle a scene and his actors.  Bravo.
Tech:  I enjoyed the lighting.  Very creative use of reds, blues, and the strobe effect.  Almost mesmerizing.  The soundtrack was perfect, straight up.  The sound was spot on, for the most part.  I felt like the radio announcer was louder than everyone else, otherwise it was okay.
Other:  I enjoyed the religious undertones.  Even the name of the robot, Mark 13, was fitting.  I also enjoyed how the film referenced drugs.  Jill smokes "dope" throughout the film.  Not to mention Shades trips, hard.  Other than that, I'll point out the nudity beautifully ironic Mark 13's star spangled face paint is.
Final Word:  Find it.  If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  Originality, gore, a strong story, solid acting, a great director.  I mean, there's really no reason not to see this film.  Doesn't matter if you're a slasher, or horror, or sci-fi fan, just watch it.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!