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Back of Box:  A student studying mysterious local crime legends decides to investigate a dreaded Louisiana plantation where, 20 years earlier, a grizzly murder had taken place.  He takes four others onto the abandoned backwoods property to prove to them that there is no truth to the myths surrounding it.  Panic, violence, and terror erupt as the group delves deeper into the property's bizarre history and their own chilling fears. 
Plot:  A young male viciously murders his parents.  Twenty years later a group of college students investigate myths surrounding the boy and the place where it all happened.  Unsurprisingly enough, myths become reality and people start dropping.  Let's face it, this film didn't exactly cover any new ground.  I give it a little credit for trying to throw some curves, but sadly the film falls flat in this area. 
Acting:  This is probably the most impressive thing about this film.  It's important for films like this to have a group dynamic between those struggling for survival (It's important to me anyway).  This cast really pulled it off.  There was a real sense of camaraderie and everyone looked like they were having a blast.  I also want to add that the main five knew how to handle horror, too bad about the script though...Kurtwood Smith is the man!
GoreBody Count (7)  There's nothing to write home about here, but it wasn't that bad.  The death by giant bear trap is definitely the highlight.  Throw in some shear action involving an impalement (In the back out the front) and a slit throat.  Add a gruesome aftermath (Which would've been a lot cooler, I'm sure, if we could've seen what happened) and splatter some blood on the walls.  There you have it, C+.
Suspense:  This section leaves a huge void in the film.  There's next to nothing when it comes to suspense and there were more than a few moments where suspense could've been achieved.  Sadly, most of it was lost to chaotic camera work.  The camera flash/bear trap scene got it right, but all the other perfect opportunities for suspense were completely deserted.
Directing:  There was some nice camera work throughout the film.  Interesting set ups made for a nice visual experience.  However, when it came to the parts that really matter in a horror film Mr. Merendino really drops the ball.  He doesn't deliver, he just hacks out and clings to the belief that shaking a camera A LOT makes things scarier.  Uhh. 
Tech:  The sound was clear and well done.  The lighting was great, I liked the camera flash, strobe effect.  I also liked how the majority of the film was highlighted by deep colors, mostly orange.  It made the film feel so sinister.  I also want to comment on the way the editing overlapped some of the scenes.  Sometimes things like that can be tough, but here it really flows. 
Other:  I loved the setting.  I feel Louisiana is one of the greatest places on earth to set a horror film.  The house was perfect and the imagery including the spirit bottles and rusty bear traps was absolutely beautiful.  My only discrepancy is the fact that pretty much all the houses in Louisiana don't have cellars.  Louisiana is below sea level, dig a hole it fills with water.  Oh well, at least the killer's dog head mask was kind of cool. 
Final Word:  I'm a little on the edge with this one.  The acting and the tech stand out, but other than that everything else is just a little average.  Nothing special.  I think that sums it up pretty well.  Worth a watch, but nothing special. 


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!