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May 17, 2012

Damn it, I had a zinger opening line for, it couldn't have been that great if I can't remember.  Anyway, got some goodness in this update so pay attention.  You might just learn something today...however useless it may be.
The New Blood section is sporting a new one.  Billy Club looks like it could be a lot of fun.  Dark Lord knows we have yet to have a good slasher in an umpire outfit.  Check it out, support it, the underground is our future.
The winners of the Slasher Studios contest are now up.  A big thanks to everyone who entered.  If you didn't win, keep coming back....There will definitely be more to come.
Under Reviews I've only got one newbie up, but it's a good one.  Straight out of the mid-90s comes Crinoline Head.  You'll laugh so hard you'll lose your head...or your temper...or your mind.  Oh, and don't forget to check out the Crinoline Head Secrets page.  Get your copy today!
I've got a few new links up under Other, check out What The Fuck Is Tracking? and Luigi Bastardo's B-Movie Lounge.  A look at movies from two very different view points.  Check them out, the people that run them are good guys.
Other than that all I want to say is, "Stay tuned."  I've got something in the works for the next update and I'm super excited.  Ah, ah, peeking. 


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