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Me, In General:
My name is Morgan, NightmareManiac to some.  I'm 23, single, and am currently living in Rogers City, MI.  I have a family of 5, that's including me, a sister, a brother, mom, and dad.  I'm a huge horror movie fan, slashers mostly, but I go for pretty much anything in the horror genre.  I'm a very active participant in theatre.  I love to sing, act, and dance.  I'm also into anything that lets me be creative, like writing or drawing (shown below).  My future plans are to travel the world and eventually make it on Broadway.
Oh yeah, I'm gay and PROUD! 
My Site:
Slasher films, and nothing but.  I pride myself on my slasher library and this site is my way of showing my appreciation and my views on such films.  My reviews are broken down into sections; Plot, Acting, Gore (Body count is based on all persons killed throughout the course of a film, this includes flashbacks and the killer(s) death...if applicable), Suspense, Directing, Tech, and Other.  I'm not into giving ratings so I give my Final Word to show my satisfaction or disappointment with the film.  I hope to expand this site to include gore clips, contests, and original artwork, along with more reviews.
Contact Me:
If you wish to contact me for any reason here are some ways you can:
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Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!