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  (Evil Twins)


Directed by:  Bill Dear

DVD Information
Back of Box:
Five college friends find the perfect place to camp out, but end up crossing paths with psychotic twin brothers Simon and Stanley, who knock off the campers in some extremely creative (and extremely gruesome) ways.
Special Features:
  • Director's Commentary
  • Storyboard Comparisons
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Stills Gallery
  • Widescreen Presentation
  • English 2.0 Stereo Audio
  • Spanish Subtitles
Rated:  R
Run Time:  86 Minutes
Cast List
Crispin Glover...Simon/Stanley
Margo Harshman...Kate
Greg Cipes...Zack
Kelly Vitz...Ashley
Artie Baxter...Riff
Carrie Finklea...Vicky
Lori Lynn Lively...Lonnie
Bruce Glover...Sam
Blake Lively...Jenny
Oliver Dear...Hitchhiker
Leila Johnson...Molly
Erica Hubbard...Sommer
Bart Johnson...Garth
Daniella Monet...Sarah
Kelly Blatz...Will
Dean Shelton...Joey
Ernie Lively...Pig
Harold Smith...Sty
Adam Johnson...Chavez
Brad Johnson...Quinn
Chad Cunningham...Young Stanley
Chris Cunningham...Young Simon
Robyn Lively...Leanne
Tofu...Reggie B
Max Moody...Shag (Uncredited)
Michael Moody...Buzz (Uncredited)
Paige Sorenson...(Uncredited)
  • Filming Location(s)Grass Valley, California.
  • Alternate Tagline(s)You Forgot To Say... and TIME TO HAVE SOME FUN.
  • Robyn Lively and Paige Sorenson are the only cast members listed in the opening credits, but not in the end credits.
  • Harold Smith is credited as Harold "Smitty" Smith in the opening credits and as Harold Smith in the end credits.



Personal History

  • Bought my copy from a Family Video for $2.
  • Greg Cipes' character, Zack, is my second favorite stoner of all time.  Number two to the one and only Jason Mewes.
  • I love Crispin Glover, but I think he could've done a better job distinguishing between his Simon and Stanley characters.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!