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Directed by:  Tommy Faircloth

VHS Information
Horse Creek Productions
Back of Box:
A fresh bunch of college students head out to a secluded lake cabin for a fun weekend.  They were looking for a party, but what they find is horror!  When one of the students, Paul (Brian Kelly, Freakshow), informs everyone of a grisly occurrence that took place at the cabin years earlier, the fun weekend turns into a bloody nightmare!  Crinoline Head is the definitive Generation X horror film, complete with a liberal dose of both comedy and absurdity!
Special Features:

  • Tiltwheel - Another Sappy Song About Hate [Music Video] (After Film) 

Rated:  Not Rated

Run Time:  85 Minutes 

Cast List
Richard Abbott...Derrick
Tommy Faircloth...Bodhi
Billie Fontanez...Cathy
David Garone...Greg
Brian Kelly...Paul
Steven Lee...Mark
Tracey Powlas...Jenny
Cathy Slaminko...Trish
Liz Taheri...Robyn
Amy Hair...First Bully Girl
Jacque Wigins...Second Bully Girl
Kristin Webb...Third Bully Girl
Jennifer Faircloth...Fourth Bully Girl
Steve Southland...Mr. Dossler
Wayne Deloria...Cootitisha Conswayko
  • Filming Location(s)Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Writer and Director Tommy Faircloth plays Bodhi in the film and has admitted that the Tiffany shirt he sports through parts of the film was from his own personal wardrobe.
  • The owners of the cabin rented for the film production threatened to sue because certain forms weren't signed before filming, but it never happened.
  • The back of the box claims the films run time is approximately 85 minutes, but the actual cassette claims about 90 minutes.  During my last viewing I actually timed it and the tape, from start to finish, is approximately 85 minutes.
  • Colleen Fitzpatrick (a.k.a. Vitamin C) was originally up for the role of Jenny, but scheduling issues just didn't allow it.



Personal History

  • I paid $30 for a VHS copy...and then, shortly after, realized that I could've gotten one for $10 cheaper.
  • A little internet research revealed that Tommy Faircloth still self-distributes copies of Crinoline Head through his website.

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