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"Do you have the guts to find out who's behind the ghoulish mask?"  "SAVAGE WEEKEND," the darker and primitive side to human nature.  "The shocker of the 80's!"
VARIETY - Mel Tobias
Plot:  This film makes quite a conundrum out of this section.  A character study, a slasher, a soap opera, a soft core's everywhere.  However, I must give the script a little kudos for the inclusion of a gay guy (Hmm, I wonder why).  He wins a bar fight and the relationship with his best "girlfriend" was very true to life (I could definitely see my best friend getting drunk with me, doing my make-up, and including a little striptease action).  Otherwise, there's nothing here. 
Acting:  I give Christopher Allport pretty much all the credit for this section.  I love how flamboyant he his, so fun.  William Sanderson gets a sliver of credit for his entertaining, but bad, portrayal of Otis.  The rest couldn't pass as mannequins in a shoe store.     
GoreBody Count (6, a bat, and a rat)  If you were hoping for guts and gore, sorry to disappoint you.  A strangling/hanging, a giant pin shoved into ear (Really), someone thrown out the window/impaled.  All set up pretty badly and none deliver on the goods.  There is one that gets a special mention.  It's not gory or anything, in fact it would've been sweet if it is was.  Anyway, it involves a buzz saw and a chick strapped to it.  Again, sweeter with gore (Or blood at least), but made very interesting by its ironic pay off.
Suspense:  There's a scene where Otis brands a chick (The only good effect in the whole film).  I'll admit it looks painful, but it's not that hard to watch considering the rest of the film.  I like the buzz saw scene set-up, but all the scary was lost with the "acting."  
Directing:  Let's see.  Scenery use was pretty nice.  I liked the P.O.V. used when the killer got his costume together.  Other than that?  Pretty basic.
Tech:  This section is a wreck.  Insanely annoying soundtrack.  The lighting was over-exposed.  Choppy editing to no end.  Oh, and the boom operator should be shot.
Other:  One positive about this film is that you could turn boom spotting into a drinking game.  I want to add that I liked the cover art (Though it has nothing to do with the film).  Also, no matter how fake that mask looks, I liked it.
Final Word:  There are no words in the English language that can describe how I feel about this film.  I'm going to make one up.  "Halo."  That's it (Okay, just a different definition).  I Hate/Love this film.  It's a complete and utter piece of trash with little to love, I must warn you never to view this...ever.  On the other hand, this is the bad movie epic.  It just draws me in and I need to see over and over again still feels like it's not real. 


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!