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(Bloody Pom Poms/
Bloody Nightmare)


Directed by:  John Quinn

DVD Information
Anchor Bay
Back of Box:
Welcome to Camp Hurrah, where a psycho killer is slaughtering high school cheerleaders on the eve of the all-state finals.  Drive-in goddesses Betsy Russell (PRIVATE SCHOOL, AVENGING ANGEL) and Lucinda Dickey (BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO) star with former teen idol Leif Garrett in this bouncing, bleeding bonanza of B-movie goodness featuring graphic violence, gratuitous nudity, bad rapping and more from the glory days of late '80s splatter.  This is CHEERLEADER CAMP!
Playboy centerfold Rebecca Ferratti, Penthouse Pet Krista Pflanza and Playboy centerfold-turned-hardcore-porn queen Teri Weigel co-star in this slasher fan favorite also known as BLOODY POM POMS.  CHEERLEADER CAMP has been newly transferred from the original negative and is now presented completely uncut and uncensored!
Special Features:
  • Widescreen Presentation (1.77:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs
  • Audio Commentary with Producer/Director John Quinn and Producer Jeff Prettyman
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Alternate Title Sequence
  • Behind The Scenes Photos
  • Poster & Still Gallery
Easter Egg(s)
(Hidden Trailer)
Enter the Trailers menu under the Extras section.  On the Trailers menu highlight Main Menu and try to go right.  Cursor should move to the screen title (Trailers) and enter to view.
Rated:  R
Run Time:  88 Minutes
Cast List
Betsy Russell...Alison Wentworth
Leif Garrett...Brent Hoover
Lucinda Dickey...Cory Foster
Lorie Griffin...Bonnie Reed
George 'Buck' Flower...Pop
Travis McKenna...Timmy Moser
Teri Weigel...Pamela Bently
Rebecca Ferratti...Theresa Salazar
Vickie Benson...Miss Dee Dee Tipton
Jeff Prettyman...Sheriff Poucher
Krista Pflanzer...Suzy
Craig Philigian...Detective
William Johnson...Chief Ronnie
Kathryn Litton...Timmy's Girlfriend
Tom Habeeb...Assistant Detective
John Quinn...Ambulance Attendant
Chris Prettyman...Band Member
Mike Knox...Band Member
Frank Reinfield...Band Member
Dave Delgado...Band Member
Noah Helpern...Billy Frank (Uncredited)
  • Filming Location(s)Bakersfield, California and Sequoia National Forest, California.
  • Alternate Tagline(s)Competition was murder at... and Some girls would kill to be cheerleaders.
  • A rumor about a sequel started floating around.  Rumor even had it that Uma Thurman had been in the cast (IMDb has it listed and apparently there is a review for it in John Stanley's Creature Features video guide).  The rumors have been disproved and the "sequel" is said to have been scrapped and turned into a totally unrelated project titled Camp Fear a.k.a. Millennium Countdown.
  • Teri Weigel reportedly flashed Director Quinn each morning of filming.
  • Inspired by the true story of a California girl who murdered her classmates after failing to make the cheerleading squad.
  • The Anchor Bay DVD box claims the film is "uncut and uncensored."  In fact, this DVD release is actually the censored "R" rated version. According to the director's commentary, the following scenes were cut to achieve an "R" rating:
    • The "dream" sex scenes were trimmed.
    • The shears killing was trimmed.
    • A scene near the beginning of the van breaking down was deleted.
    • The ambulance attendant telling Alison to "calm down" at the end was deleted.



Personal History

  • Bought my copy online the day it was released on DVD.
  • Watched this film for the first time the minute I opened it.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!