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Directed by:  Thomas Bradford

DVD Information
Back of Box:
It's Spring Break and the students of Tennyson College are heading for sunny Florida.  They've got a cool crib, a power boat, and a pool just off the beach.  It's all going great until friends start to disappear, one by one.  A twisted stalker is slicing through the student body, and as the body count rises, suspicions turn towards each other.
Joey Lawrence ("Blossom"), Chad Allen ("My Two Dads") and Jeff Conaway ("Taxi") star in the thriller with sun, surf and slaughter!
Rated:  R
Run Time:  95 Minutes
Cast List
Michael Sarysz...College Boy
Dorie Barton...Beth Morgan
Joseph Lawrence...Hank Ford
Jeff Conaway...Agent Owen Sacker
Sara Premisler...Dorm Monitor
James Mapes...Mayor Head
Jack McGee...Police Chief Gavin
Greg Cipes...Taco Boy
Sterling Rice...Young Girl
Angela Taylor...Bikini Girl
Britton Purvis...Tom Barton
Tom Jay Jones...Oz Washington
Chad Allen...Brad Adams/Bradley Clayton
Leonora Scelfo...Tina Webster
Elsie Escobar...Nellie Lopez
Robert Crooks...Gardener
Del Tenney...Pastor Clifford Adams
Margot Hartman Tenney...Mrs. Adams
Victoria Bass...Detective
Louis De La Costa...Tony (Uncredited)
Jeremy Duncan...Extra (Uncredited)
Kyle Hayse...Extra (Uncredited)
Brian J. Mahoney...Pedestrian (Uncredited)
  • Filming Location(s):  Florida, USA.


  • After the first murder, two newspaper articles are shown.  Both headlines deal with someone dieing, but neither article has anything to do with the headlines:
    • "Tennyson College Student Murdered," article references a conference between governments dealing with questions and disputes between republics.
    • "Teacher Killed in Freak Car Accident, Tennyson College Mourns," article references "get-out-of-jail-free" cards to burglars, drug dealers, drunk drivers, and spouse beaters in some California cities.
  • Just before the end, the last person to die can be seen breathing heavily.

Personal History

  • Bought this because I like the Lawrence brothers.

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