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They thought they were alone.


Back of Box:  On the last night of summer camp, the story is told of "Madman Marz" - a berserk local farmer who butchered his entire family before disappearing into the woods forever.  You must not say his name above a whisper the legend says, because if he hears you, he will come for you.  But when a cocky young teen ridicules the tale and calls the madman's name out loud, the maniacal evil is unleashed.  Summer may be over, but the ferocious bloodshed has just begun!
A long-time favorite of hardcore horror fans, Madman stood out from the pack of '80s "body count" films by delivering scares, suspense, gruesome effects and sheer nastiness, including the infamous "head under the car hood" scene!
Plot:  That plot right there sets this film up to be good, fun time.  It's not too complicated, but it seems to fit the slasher genre just perfectly.  What's better than a campfire tale coming to life, stalking, and killing unsuspecting victims?  Not too much.
Acting:  The acting is depressing at best, although I can't really place the blame solely on the actors.  I mean, the script didn't really offer up that much cinematic gold.  One thing I did like about the cast is that some of them showed true survival instinct.  Like when Jan Claire's character Ellie hides in the fridge, priceless. 
GoreBody Count (10)  One cannot talk about the gore in this film without mentioning the infamous "car hood" scene.  I mean, the back of the case even talks about it.  It truly is slasher gold.  Along with the aforementioned death you can spot a vicious slit throat, an ax to the chest, and a wonderfully set up hanging/neck snap also worthy of slasher gold as it is the only attempted hanging, I've seen, where the victim tries to save himself.  Too bad for him the spinal cord is very fragile.  Beautifully twisted.
Suspense:  There are random, semi-suspenseful scenes scattered throughout.  Most of them occur during death scenes for a brief period of time.  There is, however, a very nice suspense scene when Madman Marz chases Ellie, mentioned before.
Directing:  The camera work in this film moves the story along very nicely.  Well set up shots mixed with some very, very well played P.O.V work make for an interesting roller coaster ride.  Favorite shot:  The first shot we get to see of Seth Jones' character Dave with his freshly severed head.
Tech:  The sound in this film was pretty choppy.  The farther the camera got away the more distant the sound became.  The lighting is pretty spectacular.  Many scenes are highlighted with deep blues that give the film an eerie, dream-like feel.  I'd also like to say kudos to the design team that made Madman Marz, he's one bad-ass looking killing-machine.  Oh yeah, whoever is responsible for the Madman Marz theme song, I am in love with you.  I can't get it out of my head, "dripping their blood...dripping their BLOOD!"
Other:  The setting must be commented on in this one as it is a summer camp and I am a hardcore lover of said setting.  I think the ending for this film was incredibly downbeat and ballsy, I commend the mastermind behind it.  Also, I'd like to say...Hot Tub Scene.  LOL! 
Final Word:  There's something about this film that keeps bringing me back.  It's probably the fact that this film never fails to entertain, never.  Whether your a hardcore fan or just a novice to the genre, this movie is so worth it.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!