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(Off Balance)


Directed by:  Ruggero Deodato

VHS Information
Back of Box:
Enter the world of madness in this intense psycho thriller where an incurable disease is the catalyst for a murderous rampage.
Michael York stars as a brilliant pianist stricken by a rare disease causing him to age with alarming speed.  Angry at the world for his misfortune, he sets out to kill those who remind him of his youth.
In the meantime, he plays a nightmarish game with the police, calling, taunting, challenging and threatening, perhaps out of a desperate wish to be caught.  His disease is his disguise.  This baffles the police as the description of the murderer is never the same.
To make matters worse, he discovers that his mistress is pregnant and intends to keep the child.  His twisted mind pushes him to try to kill the mother to prevent transmission of this dreadful disease to his unborn child.
Will the police succeed in stopping yet another brutal murder?
The rage of a man forced to die has no limits!
Special Features:
  • And Then You Die (Before Film)
  • Body Beat (Before Film)
  • Vanishing Act (Before Film) 

Rated:  Not Rated

Run Time:  95 Minutes 

Cast List
Michael York...Robert Dominici
Edwige Fenech...Hélèn Martell
Donald Pleasence...Inspector Datti
Mapi Galán...Susanna
Fabio Sartor...Davide
Renato Cortesi...Agent Marchi
Antonella Ponziani...Gloria Dotti
Carola Stagnaro...Dr. Carla Pesenti
Daniele Brado...Dr. Vanni
Caterina Boratto...Robert's Mother
Lewis Eduardo Ciannelli...Cheif Physician
Renata Dal Pozzo...Agent Corsi
Giovanni Lombardo Radice...Father Giuliano
Giovanni Tamberi...Andrea
Hal Yamanouchy...Swordmaster
Loris Loddi...Danzil, A Cop
Raffaella Baracchi...Laura, Venice Prostitute
Marino Masé...Expert On Aging
Gianni Franco...(Unknown)
Archille Brugnini...(Unknown)
Diego Verdegiglio...(Unknown)
Emi Valentino...(Unknown)
Ruggero Deodato...Man On Moped (Uncredited)
Benito Stefanelli...Man In Restroom (Uncredited)
  • Filming Location(s)Empire Studios: Rome, Lazio, Italy and Venice, Veneto, Italy.



Personal History

  • Bought this from a Family Video in Alpena, Michigan for $2.95.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!