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(The Killer Behind the Mask/
The Upstate Murders)


Directed by:  David Paulsen

VHS Information
Back of Box:
"Do you have the guts to find out who's behind the ghoulish mask?"  "SAVAGE WEEKEND," the darker and primitive side to human nature.  "The shocker of the 80's!"
VARIETY - Mel Tobias

Rated:  R

Run Time:  88 Minutes 

Cast List
Christopher Allport...Nicky
James Doerr...Robert Fathwood
David Gale...Mac Macauley
Devin Goldenberg...Jay Alsop
Marilyn Hamlin...Marie Sales Pettis
Kathleen Heaner...Shirley Sales
Jeffrey David Pomerantz...Greg Pettis
William Sanderson...Otis
Yancy Victoria Butler...Little Girl
Adam Hirsch...Jeremy Pettis
Don Plumley...Pool Player
Ben Simon...Lumberman
Geraldine Chapin...Woman At Bar
Rae Chapin...Lumberman
Claude Paulsen...Waitress At Bar
Robert T. Henderson...Bartender
  • Filmed in 1976 but wasn't released until 1981.


(More boom spottings coming with next update!)

  • Boom visible above the head of the man playing pool and talking about the "wet" moon in the bar.
  • After the bar fight the bartender has a bat and says, "Alright now, you get the hell outta here."  During that line the boom can be seen above his head.  It goes to a shot of Nicky and then back to the bartender and the boom is still in the shot, right above his head.
  • Boom visible for a second, center, when the gang enters the house and finds the bat nailed to the door.  It shows a close-up of the bat and goes back to wide view.  Now the boom is bouncing up and down going from center to left screen...drinking + boom operating...probably not a good thing.
  • As Robert is just about to cut the fish hook out of his foot the boom is just visible, center.
  • Boom visible when Mac punches the guy shoveling scrap wood in the stomach.

Personal History

  • Bought from a Blockbuster in Traverse City, Michigan.  It was a buy two get one free sale.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!