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Caution:  Viewing may cause severe damage to brain cells.


Back of Box555...Every five years, within five days, unsuspecting couples are brutally murdered. Who is behind these bloodbath sex crimes? What does the third five mean?

Ukrainian-American Producer Director Wally Koz will take this bizarre tale of horror and splatter it across your mind. Prepare yourself for this blood-soaked psycho-thriller and please…watch your back the next time your fooling around...555

Plot:  A killer hippie has an obsession with the number five and Necrophilia?  I've heard way worse ideas, but I've definitely seen way better films.  I mean, the film's execution is all wrong.  The script gets too confusing and any real plot is lost along the way.  Too bad, I kind of liked the initial idea.
Acting:  Why!?!  Why is this film's script so bad?  I couldn't even tell if the cast had any acting ability, it was that bad.  You'd think with so many stereotypes it would be easy to tell characters apart.  Wrong!  Thank God for a small cast, otherwise the whole film would've been lost to me.  The only actors worth mentioning are Mara Lynn Bastian, Susan Rather, and Greg Kerouac, Sergeant Connor, for the scenes where they butt heads.
GoreBody Count (11)  On one side we have incredibly bad effects.  Knives with neck sections cut out and fake chests getting sliced and stabbed.  On the other side we have some decent effects.  Knife through the neck, a severed head and some fingers, and a throat slit.  Only the throat slit impressed me, I could live without the rest.
Suspense:  Yeah, right.  The only scenes worth mentioning here are the scenes of the killer in his little room.  There are about three or four of them, about ten seconds long (Each), and they involve the killer sharpening, or playing, with his knives.  They're a little creepy, but no where near suspenseful or scary.  Nothing otherwise.
Directing:  Extremely low budget = Shot on video (S.O.V.).  Now, usually shot on video means that the film isn't going to deliver too much in this department.  This film is no exception.  Base set-ups mixed with clumsy sweeps, shaky zooms, and poor angles.  Every now and then a decent shot would pop up, but not often enough to be effective.  Pretty (Very) bad.
Tech:  A lot of the film's lighting looked pretty natural.  Nothing unique about it, just plain old light.  The light crew tries to make it look like they did something, throwing in a little blue and red.  Their attempt failed, however, and it ended up looking more ridiculous than regular lighting would've made it look.  The sound fared pretty well during close-ups, but got more distorted the farther the camera got.  The soundtrack is almost non-existent.  In fact, other than the sweet (Cheesy) song used during the credits at the beginning and the end of the film, I don't think there was a soundtrack.  The only real shout out goes to the editing.  Not that it was outrageously great, mind you, but at least it attempted to make the film look a little better.
Other:  I love the fact that the killer dresses as a hippie.  When I found out about this film, the killer's costume choice is what drew me to it.  The whole "peace loving killer" idea really fascinated me.  I also want to mention the killer's weapons.  Two knives; one for mutilating and one for decapitating.  They both had their own, very distinct look.  A definite plus.
Final Word:  Well, I'd like to recommend this film, but I can't.  I mean, for a slasher fan or a S.O.V. fan it makes a little sense.  Otherwise, you'd have to be crazy to sit through this.  There's a blatant lack of commendable qualities and I wouldn't force this film on anyone.  Even the gore isn't worth it, it's just that bad. 


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!