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Directed by:  Wally Koz

DVD-R Information
Horror Classick DVD
Back of Box:
555...Every five years, within five days, unsuspecting couples are brutally murdered. Who is behind these bloodbath sex crimes? What does the third five mean?

Ukrainian-American Producer Director Wally Koz will take this bizarre tale of horror and splatter it across your mind. Prepare yourself for this blood-soaked psycho-thriller and please…watch your back the next time your fooling around...555

Special Features:
  • Scene Selection
  • Video Artwork
  • "555 Deal" Commercial
  • "Slasher" Trailers
Easter Egg(s)
(Hidden Audio Track)
At the Main Menu, highlight Scene.  Press right to highlight the machete in the bottom right corner.  Press enter to play.
(Hidden Video)
At the Main Menu, enter the Features screen.  From there highlight Video Artwork and press right.  You should highlight the machete in the bottom right corner.  Press enter to view.
Rated:  Not Rated
Run Time:  80 Minutes
Cast List
Mara Lynn Bastian...Susan Rather
Charles Fuller...Colonel Wayne
Bob Grabill...The Killer
Scott Hermes...Tommy
Greg Kerouac...Sergeant Connor
Greg Neilson...Ralph Kennedy
B.K. Smith...Detective Haller
  • Filming Location(s)Chicago, Illinois.
  • Alternate Tagline(s)Don't Get Caught Fooling Around and SHOT IN BLOOD VIVID VIDEO for your VIEWING PLEASURE.
  • This film is shot on video (S.O.V.).


  • During the second murder sequence a guy gets a knife, sharp side, to the neck.  The wound looks pretty good until the killer pulls the knife away to reveal the section cut out to fit the actor's neck.
  • During the fourth murder sequence a girl gets stabbed in the chest, repeatedly.  The killer is obviously holding the fake chest down so he can pull the knife out without bringing the whole thing with it.

Personal History

  • Never even heard of this film until I found Horror Classick DVD.   

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!