Possession: Until Death Do You Part

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"The sensuality of BODY HEAT and JAGGED EDGE...the psychological terror of PSYCHO!"


Back of Box:  POSSESSION - UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART is a chilling thriller that deals with the evil forces that lie within one man...a man who has risen from the dead to haunt the streets with only destruction in mind.
POSSESSION - UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART is a powerful psychodrama that develops around the bizarre relationship between the disturbed man and a beautiful young woman.  His innocent attraction for her turns into obsession as the story unravels into a terrorizing tale of determination and revenge.
POSSESSION - UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART is an intriguing, spine-tingling film of murder, suspense and adventure that will capture your imagination.  You will shiver through your skin to the bone as this film suspends you in the air of horror and disbelief!
Plot:  A guy is crazy enough to believe that every girl he kidnaps is in love with him.  In the vein of Psycho, but with a much lower budget.  That's pretty much it.  It wasn't too bad, but it doesn't even come close to greatness.
Acting:  Bad, bad, bad.  The supporting cast sucked, the leading cast was a little worse, and the killer made me want to kill myself (His lisp alone tempted suicide).  No one worth mentioning.  I guess I can't blame the cast entirely.  I mean, it's not their fault the script made the death scenes more memorable than the characters themselves.
GoreBody Count (15)  The budget really shows through on this one (Not bad, but stifled).  Some strangulations, a neck break, a drowning, and a good beating.  They switch it up nicely with some well inflicted injuries.  An arrow to the shoulder and an axe chop to the knee.  We also get a lot of stabbings and a slit throat along the way.  However, aside from the aftermaths (And the axe chop) there's really no gore to speak off.  Most of the real gore occurs just off screen.  However, there were a bunch of stand out death scenes.  One involving a car engine and another involving a hot fire poker and whatever the killer is holding on the cover (Just to name a few).  Too bad, with some more gore this would've been outstanding.
Suspense:  A few stalking scenes worked, but that's pretty much it.  It's pretty sad, considering the number of chase scenes, even a car chase or two, that fall flat on their face.  Even though it was impossible to care about any of the characters, with a little suspense this film could've been a real find.
Directing:  I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It seemed so raw, but fit so well.  It was a jumble of good and bad that came together perfectly.  It had that certain originality that I love to see.  Kudos. 
Tech:  The soundtrack managed to be somewhat creepy, but squeezed in a little too many cheesy, dramatic undertones.  Not only that, but the actual music that gets played is cheesy to the point where it explains exactly what's going on in the movie (Girls Night Out, Hitting the Highway...yeah, it goes on).  The lighting seemed a little overbearing, but the shadow effects created by the aforementioned made it all worth it.  The sound was pretty good, maybe a little loud, but good (Didn't spot any booms).  
Other:  Wanted to comment on the nudity factor here.  A lot of female nudity, and most of it wasn't half bad.  However, for the ladies (And those like me) there are two extremely nice male strippers who love to walk around in thongs.  I'd like to mention the beautiful setting as well.  I know forest settings usually always work, but this one was absolutely beautiful.  It made a great background for the blood bath.  Other than that, I'd say listen to the end credits.  It kind of sounds like a song, but with some crazy demented laughing the whole time.  It's messed up. 
Final Word:  A buried gem that was buried for a reason.  Can't say I recommend it, but I've definitely watched it more than once.  Can't be that bad.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!