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Directed by:  Jag Mundhra

VHS Information
Prism Entertainment
Back of Box:
Beverly Hills - a city of wealth, power and glamour.  It's also a town of vicious murders where the high priced world of real estate is the victim.  Realtors and their clients are being knocked off as quickly as the stock market fluctuates.  The only person who has any kind of lead is radio talk show psychologist, Dr. David Kelly (JOSEPH BOTTOMS - THE COVE, CELEBRITY) who solicits his audience's reaction to the murder.  Amid the barrage of phone calls comes one from "Harry."  Harry states with frightening conviction that the murder victims deserved to be killed
Meanwhile, Kelly's girlfriend, Lisa, (ADRIENNE BARBEAU - MAUDE, CREEPSHOW) is horrified.  As the most successful realtor in town, Lisa and her staff are prime targets.  Her competition becomes smaller and smaller as more people are killed, thus bringing the murderer closer to Lisa.  OPEN HOUSE is a terrifying look at the dark side of a city where sunshine mixes with business as the key to prosperity.  You'll never want to move again! 

Rated:  R

Run Time:  95 Minutes 

Cast List
Joseph Bottoms...Dr. David Kelly
Adrienne Barbeau...Lisa Grant
Rudy Ramos...Rudy Esteves
Mary Stavin...Katie Thatcher
Scott Baker...Joe Pearcy
Darwyn Swalve...Harry
Robert Miano...Shapiro
Page Mosely...Toby
Johnny Haymer...Paul Bernal
Leonard Lightfoot...TJ
Barry Hope...Barney Resnick
Stacey Adams...Tracey
Roxanne Baird...Allison
Tiffany Bolling...Judy Roberts
Dena Drotar...The Fan
Cathryn Hartt...Melody
Christina Gallegos...Pilar
Lee Moore...Donald Spectre
Stephen Nemeth...Tommy
Joanne Norman...Agent #1
Richard Parnes...Lenny
Sheila Ryan...Ellen
A. Gerald Singer...Captain Blake
Bryan Utman...Policeman
Susan Widem...Policewoman
Eddie Wong...Mr. Yoshida
Robert Bullock...Lenny
  • Alternate Tagline(s)Now it's open season for murder.



Personal History

  • Bought my copy from a Family Video for $2.95.
  • Adrienne Barbeau is the main reason I got this film.

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!