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"My name is Dave Reda and I am your comedic tour guide of terror."

Q: Bit Parts was your directorial debut.  What was it like sitting in the director's chair?
A: Very cool.  I have to say, during the audition it was a lot less nerve racking to be on the other side of the table!  Having gone through it, I tried to make it as easy as I could for my actors.  I had directed many sketches in the three and a half years of my sketch comedy show, CLICK THIS!, but this was my debut in feature film.  I don't think I would've ever been ready for all the challenges of filming a full feature without the lessons I learned doing CLICK THIS!

Q: You mentioned in the Bit Parts commentary that there were a bunch of shots in the film inspired by other directors, is there one in particular that you admire above the others?
A: I am such a huge fan of Hitchcock.  My father made it a huge point to show me his films very early on.  I was always so impressed with how he could manipulate his audience, making them squirm the way he wanted them to squirm!

Q: Was it difficult to direct and play a major part in the film?
A: Yes!  Things got a little rocky when I got in front of the camera.  It's hard to steer the ship when you're not at the wheel.  However, having the talented people I was working with eased a lot of the pressure.  Plus, you get used to it.  As an actor, though, I feel I could have given a lot more to the part of Bobby if I had been able to focus on just that.  Sometimes, on an Independent set, you have to wear every hat, at one point or another.  Something like that can stretch you a little thin.

Q: Do you think you and Bobby, your character from Bit Parts, are alike in any way?
A: Sure, his passion for and frustration in acting definitely.  Also his sense of humor, because I was able to get a lot of my improvisations in there.  Other than that not too much...I like to think, in real life, I'm a better actor.  I also think that I would've kicked Maggie's butt instead of smacking the wall and getting knocked out...again (Laughs)!

Q: Bit Parts is laced with nods to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre throughout the film, would you say you're a "slasher" fan?
A: Yes, if there is some thought behind it.

Q: Are there any other horror genres that are particularly interesting to you?
A: I like it all, but I like my horror like a roller coaster ride.  Scares, laughs, and surprises without too many flat parts.  I would like my audience to feel the same way about my films, I want them saying, "Wow, that was a fun ride!"

Q: What's your favorite scary movie?
A: I actually love the classic Universal Monster Movies, Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Mummy, Dracula.  Also any film from Hitchcock, Sam Raimi, Tobe Hooper, George Romero.  In the 80's I was lucky enough to have a video store across the street where I grew up, I loved 80's horror.  I was in there everyday renting movies, learning everything I could.

Q: Getting back to the scary movie at hand, did Bit Parts have any kind of a festival run?
A: Not really.  We showed it at a few festivals after its release but I wouldn't call it a full run.

Q: What's your favorite memory of Bit Parts?
A: The miniscule moments when everything was going well, the camera was rolling, and everyone was bustling around and working.  Your thinking, "How cool.  It's really happening!"  Then something happens and you snap out of it.  Those moments, though sparse, are magical!

Q: Any funny stories from the set you'd like to share?
A: Sure.  The very last place we filmed in was a sound stage called Studio 54, we had run over time.  While my crew was getting the last few shots of the film I convinced the owner to give me a grand tour of the place.  Now, apparently Axel Rose had slept on one of the stages there, so I convinced the owner that I was the biggest Axel fan ever and that Studio 54 was now my Graceland.  I bought us an extra forty-five minutes for free, with "Oh’s" and "Awe's," and, "Wow can I touch the stage...Wow!!!"  In Independent film every dollar you save is huge, being good at talking helps!

Q: Who was the best actor/actress you got to work with during Bit Parts (You don't count)?
A: Sarah Gordon, by far.  She is a great friend and always a pro, no matter what is going on.  There's a scene in Bit Parts where she has to cryWe were laughing because the chickens were running around and being a problem, but once I called action, she was there.  Dedicated, tears in her eyes.  She also made it a lot easier for me when we had to share a scene. 

Q: Do you think we might see a Bit Parts 2 in the future?
A: I always joke with the writer of Bit Parts, Jon Rosenverg, that we'll call it Bit Parter American Freedom...but no I don't think so.  Maybe years from now if the right script came my way...Never say never, right?

Q: When we spoke you mentioned a new film project, may I ask what the project is called?
A: The script is being written as we speak, but the tentative title is Freak House...

Q: Could you break down the plot for us?
A: I really don't want to give anything away before things are in stone.  I think our idea is a pretty original one, and I am very excited about it.  When I can give up all the details you will be one of the first to hear!

Q: Can you drop any names?
A: Love to, but can't...Counting chickens before they hatch kind of thing.

Q: Natural lighting, reuse of settings, Bit Parts is overflowing with Independent flair, can we expect the same from your next feature?
A: Some but not as much.  Bit Parts was made with the idea of making the best feature film we could on a fifty cent budget.  Due to time and money we had to sacrifice a lot of things, but with studio money and backing all that changes.  However, I always believe that the creative answer, rather than throwing money at a problem, is always best.  That kind of training only comes from an Independent setting.

Q: Do you think the film will be received and supported as well and as much as Bit Parts was?
A: I hope even more so.  Most of the criticism for Bit Parts came from it not being bloody enough and the lack of star power.  If those are the biggest problems people have with the last film, they should have no problem with the next.  The next film will be a roller coaster ride, for sure.  We'll make you laugh but we are going to scare you too!

Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!