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A voodoo curse has been unleashed...AGAIN!


Back of Box:  In 1983, not long after finding an ancient talisman, Navy pilot Hank Campbell goes on a killing spree at his air station.  Before being captured he hides it in the hangar.  It's now 22 years later and the hangar is being prepared to open as an air and space museum by its young staff.  But, Hank has just been released from the psychiatric institute and he knows where his first stop will be... A voodoo curse is set to be unleashed... AGAIN! 
Plot:  A talisman with the power to make people crazy goes missing after one man decides to kill some of his comrades.  Twenty-two years later it resurfaces and the bloodshed continues.  I have to admit I like the thought behind this one.  The idea isn't new, but this was the first slasher I've seen completely set in an aircraft hanger.
Acting:  Billy Drago is a little over dramatic for me as the overbearing owner, Harry (Although it's not entirely his fault, in the behind-the-scenes you actually see the director telling him to do as such).  Terri Jablonski (Jennifer Lauren Grant) gave Anna Faris a run for her money with her wide-eyed antics and pulls it off when it really counts.  Debbie Rochon gets a shout out for playing Corey, because she's Debbie Rochon.  The rest of the cast seemed like they were having fun (It's obvious the final four really got along well), however, they also must have known this film was a dud.  They didn't really give their characters a whole lot, they seemed like they were just waiting for their death scene.
GoreBody Count (15)  You'd think with a body count this big the film would deliver.  Wrong!  All wrong!  Aside from a knife to the head trick and a less than spectacular heart gouge, this film has nothing to add to this section.  A whole lot of off screen slashing, blood spatter, and less-than-spectacular aftermaths, nothing more.
Suspense:  About half way through the film the tone switches from dark to Scooby Doo and loses all momentum.  The incidental hanging and the wench sequences pick it up a little bit, but by then it's too late.  It all comes crashing down, which is a shame because the set-up, along with the setting, could've netted us some real chills. 
Directing:  The look of the film was one of the first things I noticed.  For an Independent film it was surprisingly clean.  I felt like the director really wanted his vision to be seen through the horrible script he wrote.  In fact, I felt that the directing was too good for this film.  It's funny to me that J. Christian Ingvordsen hasn't directed a film since this, considering he wrote and directed it.  Maybe that's a hint, J.  Maybe you shouldn't write and/or direct slasher films. 
Tech:  The lighting seemed pretty safe, but it did throw in a little shadow play.  Sometimes a minimal soundtrack works, not here it doesn't.  With the oddly erratic sound constantly fading from loud to quiet I'd say the tech team dropped the ball on this one.
Other:  Don't worry, the lack of blood is gratuitously made up for with nudity from almost every single female in the cast.  That, and the ending has got some major balls.  I was impressed, but the fact that they hinted at a possible sequel was ludicrous.  They actually thought the film was THAT good? 
Final Word:  Well if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not to fond of this film.  Straight up, I avoid it.  It's not THAT bad if you're drunk and distracted, but, seriously, it's not good for much more than that.  I'd recommend this to die hard Debbie Rochon fans only, but be aware that she only flashes one boob.  That is all.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!