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Back of Box:  "CUT THROAT" focuses on a group of young Hollywood filmmakers who get their big break when a major movie studio executive offers them the use of the studio's lot to make their low-budget horror film.  However, they run out of money before the movie is finished and things begin to go desperately wrong when someone starts killing the crew and cast.  In the style of "Scream" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer," "Cut Throat" is a roller-coaster ride of laughs, thrills and scares that will leave you screaming for more.
Plot:  A group of filmmakers and actresses set out to make a slasher film, money runs out, people start dying to keep the film alive.  At least the film had an interesting, yet familiar, premise.  Too bad this is just another example of how a good idea can be brought down by a faulty script and people that can't act.
Acting:  It's interesting to watch bad actors and actresses "pretend" to act badly.  It's interesting because when they're done "pretending," they still act badly.  The only person who gets mentioned here is Kate Norby for her portrayal of Samantha Cheek, and even that performance is shaky.
GoreBody Count (8)  Pretty bloodless.  Not even impressive splatter to report.  There's a little on screen stabbing, but who can't pull off that Halloween gag?  There aren't even any cool aftermaths.  Sad.
Suspense:  A LOT of lame jump scares.  So many, in fact, that at a certain point you can tell the cast was having a hard time pretending they were scared.  Other than that, nothing.  Blah.
Directing:  Here's where it gets interesting.  I liked how the director tried to get a lot of the moving action with one camera shot, but didn't have a hard time keeping the camera still.  Smooth is a good word for Keith Walley's style.  Nice transfers, well done set ups, creepy P.O.V., spot on.
Tech:  The lighting works extremely well, the sound doesn't.  The sound had a tendency to be a bit quiet and watching a movie with the sound on thirty doesn't make for a good time when someone starts screaming.  I don't remember there being a soundtrack so it couldn't have been that good.  Yep, the only thing I would say was on point throughout the film was the lighting.
Other:  Great settings.  This film had a lot of good areas for death scene/chase scene staging.  They wasted every set they had, but at least they had them.  I did enjoy the twists near the end, even if they were obvious.  And I thought the final battle was the best part of this film.  The only other thing I have to add here is the fact that, near the end, one character dies twice, but still manages to be alive at the very end.  Surviving a stabbing is one thing, but coming back after being shot in the head?  That's magic, and bullshit.
Final Word:  Not worth it, not worth it at all.  Other than a miniscule production value this film has no redeeming qualities.  It's slow, boring, and all of the above times infinity.  Yes, it's so bad I had to take it back to junior high...and leave it there.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!