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Back of Box:  After being imprisoned for years for a crime he didn't commit, an innocent man emerges from prison as Mr. Jingles - a killer with revenge on his mind.  Determined to make the guilty parties pay for what they did, Mr. Jingles goes on a bloody killing spree, wreaking grisly havoc on the families of those who put him behind bars.  But the homicidal clown had one witness who got away - and spent years in an institution trying to erase the gory memories.  Now she is back and ready to join society again - but someone else is planning a very different homecoming...
Plot:  Crazy, wrongly accused clown kills girl's parents.  The girl lives, but the clown doesn't.  Seven years later he comes back and goes after the little girl that got away.  It's an idea that been used over and over and is only made interesting by the addition of the clown.  The script is blah and the only reason there is any kind of pace is because there is a death scene every ten to fifteen minutes.
Acting:  Mr. Jingles (Dr. Rudy Hatfield) was beautifully twisted, but I could've done without his laugh.  Other than that it was stiff, and not in a good way.  It was so bad, in fact, I almost had to use a box cutter to see the good parts.  Interesting characters, but no substance.
GoreBody Count (18)  Like I said, there's a death every ten to fifteen minutes.  Intestines, cut off hand, fist through stomach, stake to back, axe through chest, a jump crush, and a cool decapitation.  Not to mention the loads of axe slashing to every body part you can think of (mainly the head).  Yep, this section pretty much sums up the whole film.
Suspense:  The only attempt at suspense was jingling some bells before some of the victims got killed.  It didn't work.  When one establishes something like that and doesn't carry it through the whole film, it looses a lot of it's oomph.
Directing:  Simple.  In this case I think it's a good thing.  It never goes over the top and shaky shots are minimal.  It would've been nice if Tommy Brunswick took a couple more chances, but overall I was satisfied. 
Tech:  The soundtrack was interesting, not bad, just a little offbeat.  The sound was mediocre, at best, leaving more than a little to be desired.  Lighting was average.  Nothing more or less than what it needed to be.
Other:  The cover of this film is a little misleading.  The clown in the film just isn't as cool as the one on the front of the case.  There is nudity, in case anyone was interested.  Oh, and the final twist was a total cop out.  It's one thing to lie to your audience, but when there's no way that it could ever make's a little hard to forgive. 
Final Word:  If it wasn't for the direction and gore this film would not be worth it at all.  That being said, I think the direction and gore make this film worth watching.  If you block out the bad parts, what's left makes for a fun time.  Just remember, don't take this clown too seriously. 


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!