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Back of Box:  Spring break.  Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico.  A lesbian college couple travels through a blazing heat wave, nervously heading home to meet the parents.  After a run-in with road kill, their vacation is violently interrupted by a pair of bible thumping, redneck sisters with a taste for carjacking and murder.  Terrifying horror ensues.
Plot:  The back of the box pretty much sums it up.  You've got your lesbian couple, your bible thumping rednecks, and ensuing horror.  I thought it was very fun.  It kind of reminded me of the opening scene of Detour, minus Tiffany Shepis, but a hundred times more intense.
Acting:  This is a short which means a lot of emotion needs to play out in a short amount of time.  Surprisingly, all four people in this little film pull it off, extremely well.  Jiji Hise and Aileen Mell play the psychopathic sisters perfectly and Amy Baklini and Haylee Nelson are very convincing as the lesbian couple thrown into peril.  I especially enjoyed Haylee Nelson's performance.  Well done.  
Gore/SuspenseBody Count (4 and a rabbit)  This being my first short I really wanted it to deliver in both aspects of this section and it did.  Bloody deaths throughout, even the road kill bunny had a decent splatter scene.  There was also a decent serving of suspense.  Since the film isn't very long things get real interesting, real fast.  As soon as the black and white hits the tension doesn't stop until it's over.
Directing/Tech:  As far as direction goes, I'll admit, at first it was a little shaky.  When it came right down to it, though, Peter Grendle delivered.  His style really fit the feel of this film.  The lighting was competent.  Considering the location, it was nice to see that nothing was drowned out by the sun.  The sound, in some places, seemed to fade quieter, but, for the most part, works.  In some places the soundtrack didn't fit, in other places it fit perfectly.
Other:  I loved the religious undertones, especially when contrasted with the homosexual themes.  The symbolism of the black and white portion of the film, to me, was brilliant.  I thought it was a great way to accent the violence.  Not only that, but it was also interesting because of the way it depicted the reality of murder...sometimes it is just black and white.
Final Word:  I don't sit through many shorts, but I'm glad I didn't pass up on this one.  The director is a great guy and this flick is way above par.  I would recommend it to any horror fan, without hesitation.


Don't Move, Don't Breathe, and Whatever You Do...DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!